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Network solutions for multicloud agility in China and beyond

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China Telecom Americas’ provides global enterprises with multi-cloud networking solutions through CT’s private networks and cloud exchange platform. Our cloud networking solution is designed to work with leading cloud service providers (CSPs). These include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Alicloud.

Enterprises can quickly set up cloud connectivity and adjust bandwidth through pre-provisioned on-ramps. These are deployed at interconnection data centers both inside and outside of China.

Benefits of Cloud Networking

China Telecom Americas cloud networking solutions provides private, end-to-end cloud connectivity at both Layer 2 and Layer 3. This offers immediate benefits, such as faster service delivery, improved performance, increased reliability, enhanced security, scalability, and cost savings.

Global Cloud Network

China Telecom’s global cloud backbone has on-ramps at 40+ internet exchange (IXP) facilities inside and outside China.

Cost Effective

Reduce CAPEX without any additional hardware investments and lower OPEX with reliable performance, security and flexible, pay-as-you-go billing.

Rapid Provisioning

Streamlined provisioning from cloud service provider partners (CSPs) and a dedicated network of gateway nodes in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Enterprise-grade Reliability

Access Tier 1 service provider private networks equipped with automated failover, redundant connections and rapid MTTR.

Flexible Billing

Simple billing and US-based MSAs make Public Cloud Exchange easy to set up and maintain.


VIP Customer Support

Always-on, 24/7, dual global Network Operations Center (NOC) support keeps you up and running.


Features of Cloud Networking

Reliable, Dedicated Performance


• High-speed network performance and uptime across a global Tier 1 high capacity network.

• Single or double-path delivery plus network redundancy result in high availability.

• Create multiple virtual links from a single port. Adjust bandwidth speeds from 10M to 10Gbps, as needed. Only pay for the bandwidth you use.

• Multiple Layer 2 and 3 WAN access options from Ethernet Private Lines to MPLS VPN connections available.

• Industry-leading end-to-end network SLAs guarantee best-in-class network performance and greater uptime.


Scalable, Customizable Solution


• Dynamically scale bandwidth from 2M to 10G as requirements change and add VLANs as needed to accommodate new locations or workloads.

• Scale bandwidth on-demand through pre-provisioned on-ramps deployed at more than 40 key IBX data centers inside and outside of Mainland China.

Simplicity, Ease of Use

Ease of Use

• Intuitive, self-serve portal allows customers to dynamically add CSPs and add or modify interconnect capacity on demand.

• Quickly provision secure, high-quality multi-cloud connections quickly. Cloud-to-cloud links within CT data center can be done in as little as one week. DC to cloud links within CT data center can be done in two weeks. Local loop can be done in 20-30 working days.

Flexibility and Security

Flexibility and Security

• Fast delivery, scalability, and flexible billing options allow customers to deploy the right solution for their applications.

• Includes end-to-end dedicated private connectivity for data transfer from on-premise to public clouds for a secure hybrid cloud environment.

Use Cases

Existing MPLS to Cloud

A multinational customer wanted improved performance for their public, private, and hybrid cloud applications. They also wanted to reduce the threats associated with public internet breakouts.

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Use Cases

DC to Cloud Gaming Pipeline

A large gaming company needed to synchronize their development pipelines. This needed to be done between their on-prem data center in Shanghai and their CSP environment in Hong Kong. The synchronization had to be reliable and efficient.

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Use Cases

Cloud-to-Cloud IoT Data Lake

A global industrial company with thousands of connected devices and sensors needs to securely transmit data. This data is from a large IoT data lake in the field. It must be sent to a georedundant availability zone outside of China. This data is for ML application processing and disaster recovery purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cloud providers does cloud networking integrate into?

China Telecom Americas’ ECP offers integration into the APIs of some of the world’s top providers. These include: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

How much time does it take to provision service?

Provisioning time for different types of deployments can vary. On average, it usually takes one week to configure cloud-to-cloud links within a CT interconnection data center. To provision a data center to cloud link within the CT interconnection network, it takes two weeks.

How does cloud networking solutions support private cloud environments?

In data centers with a CT cloud exchange point-of-presence, a cross connect is required. This connect is between the CT interconnect PoP and the customer’s rack. For on-prem environments a local MSTP is required to connect to the nearest CT cloud PoP.

How does CTA cloud networking solutions support multi-site, multi-cloud environment?

Customers can quickly set up an any-to-any connection. They can do this by connecting to the closest CT Cloud PoP. There are three ways to do this: MSTP, Internet VPN, and Cross Connect.

Existing customers will be assigned a dedicated trunk on the MPLS PE router. This trunk will be used to send traffic between MPLS VPN sites and CSPs nodes. This connection will be established using layer 3.

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