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A high-quality internet connection is essential for effective business operations in China. Direct internet access from China Telecom Americas offers a premium internet option to support mission-critical application uptime requirements. As a Tier 1 provider, China Telecom Americas and its affiliates delivers outstanding service and best-in-class network availability, performance, and resilience in China and APAC.

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High Performance

Ensure content delivery and application performance from CTA’s highest enterprise class of internet service for distributed offices, data centers, and hub sites.

Domestic Reach

Enable interactions with more than 420 million Chinese Internet subscribers across all 31 provinces. We are a Tier 1 and primary ILEC provider.

Program Flexibility

Support a broad range of circuits and PoP diversity with China Telecom Americas ILEC capabilities and opportunities to customize solutions.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Take advantage of a dedicated fiber circuit with symmetric up/down speeds to ensure consistent performance.

Dedicated Circuit

Benefit from your own circuit for maximum scalability and control over performance.

Reduced Latency

Share an IP address across devices in multiple locations by using Anycast with the BGP network solution.

Centralized Management

Take control of your Direct Internet Access in a centralized portal when you bundle your coverage with Netcare monitoring Service.

Reliable Connection

Experience consistent data speeds, whether you’re transferring files or video conferencing, with a reliable and robust network connection.


Features of Direct Internet Access

Performance and Speed

Performance and Speed

Symmetrical Bandwidth: Get consistent up/down speed for efficient file sharing and day-to-day productivity.

Static IP: Maintain a static IP address to streamline and simplify file server management and ongoing operations.

ISP Link: Connect directly to the ISP infrastructure access point to maximize performance across your operations.



Route Options: Choose routes to fit the needs of your business: non-transit, full transit, China transit. Only for BGP customers.

Bandwidth Range: Get the optimal network experience for your business with our 2M-20G bandwidth range.

Bandwidth Guarantees: Achieve SLO metrics and realize productivity goals with guaranteed speeds and uptime.

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

Local Circuit Availability: Access premium network connectivity with 98% coverage within mainland China.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): Maximize availability and efficiency with our low 24-hour MTTR for Beijing City, Shanghai City, Tianjin City, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, and 48-hour MTTR in many/most areas.

Access and Equipment Options

Access and Equipment Options

Benefit from robust protocol options that boost your performance, with MSTP, PON, LAN and Dark Fiber access technology.

Redundancy: Guarantee uninterrupted internet access by implementing two active or backup circuits.

Equipment Options: Control your business’s mobile device security with both managed and BYOD options.



IPv6 Enabled: Make the most of an improved connection, reliable performance, and increased security.

Primary and Secondary IP Addresses: Protect your internet security and data with single WAN IP block and WAN IP+LAN IP (DMZ) addresses to add an extra layer of protection.

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which direct access solution is best for my business?

Selecting the right China Telecom Americas direct access solution is based on the specifics of your business. Our Direct Internet Access is ideal for customers that need domestic connectivity within China. For companies looking for both domestic and international connectivity, our DIA International Express option is ideal. And the BGP solution is designed for those that want to maintain their own ASN and prefix.

Why do we need direct access?

With direct access, your company has a dedicated fiber circuit, static IP address, and symmetric up/down speed for the performance consistency and quality your business needs.

What set China Telecom America’s direct access apart?

As a Tier 1 provider and the ILEC for most providers in mainland China, China Telecom Americas offers the outstanding coverage and performance of a market leader.

What service support is available for direct access internet?

China Telecom Americas operates a 24/7 network operations center (NOC) with bilingual service in Chinese and English.

What are the local domestic China internet access options offered by China Telecom Americas (CTA)?

China Telecom Americas offers the following domestic China internet access options:

IP MAN Access

  • Symmetric Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Access
  • Access Layer: Central Office/Aggregation Layer Access
  • Multiple Static IP Addresses
  • CN2 Premium Internet Option
  • Unlimited Number of PCs

163 DIA / Direct Internet Access

  • Symmetric Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Access
  • Access layer: Service Point of Presence (PoP)
  • Multiple Static IP Addresses
  • CN2 Premium Internet Option
  • Unlimited Number of PCs

BGP Access*

  • Symmetric Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Access
  • Core Layer Access
  • Non-Transit / China-Transit / Full-Transit Options
  • *Special approval process is required

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