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Expand your offerings and unlock new opportunities to your customers by partnering with China Telecom Americas. Leverage our complete, end-to-end suite of IT networking, cloud, and data center solutions by advancing enterprise connectivity for your multinational customers. Our service provider partnerships build on this wide range of solutions to connect your business with the world and boost business advantage. Email us at [email protected]

The China Telecom Americas Difference

Extend your global solutions with China Telecom Americas portfolio for clients in the Americas, China and beyond.

High Performance

China Telecom Americas’ Tier-1 global network offers the latest SDN/NFV technology and low-latency routes to facilitate quick data transmission between key business hubs. Deliver applications in China across CT’s extensive edge network, run cross border China backhaul, back-up and real-time applications without latency over IP VPN.

Extensive Coverage

China Telecom operates more than 450 data centers, machine rooms and transmission facilities in China, in addition to over 150 global Points of Presence (PoPs). China Telecom’s optical fiber routes span 220,000 kilometers—over five times the Earth’s circumference. As of 2022, China Telecom has deployed 870,000 5G base stations in China.

Scalable Services

China Telecom operates nearly 590TB of total network capacity as a result of billions of dollars of investments in fiber, data centers, subsea cables, cloud availability zones and mobile infrastructure. CT is also upgrading its network to offer more scalable bandwidth on-demand options for a number of products across our portfolio to allow your business to optimize resource consumption while lowering IT opex and capex.

ChinaNet (AS 4134)

The largest Internet network in China, our ChinaNet fiber optic transmissions infrastructure provides DSL, fiber-Ethernet access, and Wireless LAN connectivity throughout China, with overseas access now delivered to the Americas via multiple subsea cables.

CN2 (AS 4809)

Designed from the ground up as the next generation, IPv6-cable Internet backbone successor to our ChinaNet network, CN2 is an advanced MPLS-optimized infrastructure that leverages new softswitches and protocols to ensure not only high performance, but also support for legacy traffic (such as Frame Relay and ATM) and new IP services over a single IP/MPLS network.

Cable Systems

Find international submarine and terrestrial cable routes on China Telecom’s global infrastructure map.

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Why choose China Telecom Americas?

Discover the full potential of China Telecom Americas (CTA) global network capacity, providing a range of custom edge-to-cloud and edge-to-core connectivity solutions. CTA’s expertise helps you seamlessly expand your service offerings to reach end-users in the Americas, China and abroad. With an extensive presence in 110 countries, CTA delivers unparalleled value through our comprehensive billing, contract management, engineering, and customer support services.

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In-Depth Expertise in China

Benefit from our on-the-ground experience including technical support and physical infrastructure maintenance. Our parent company is China’s largest fixed line and data center provider.

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Generate New Revenue Streams

Tap into custom, end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you want to become a partner, reseller, or obtain wholesale services, we have you covered.

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Broad Reach in a Robust Partner Ecosystem

Leverage our subsidiaries and affiliates around the world. Enable a range of options for customers in the Americas, China and abroad with our global network spanning 110 countries.

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Join CTA’s extensive service provider network and open new avenues for your business. Get in touch now to discover exciting partnership prospects.

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