Complex Supply-chains Require Advanced Network Connectivity Solutions

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The logistics industry is becoming an increasingly competitive space as logistical automation technology drives omnichannel growth. Having a reliable network is key to facilitating the flow of goods by allowing the rapid transport of real-time, advanced-analytics data across all logistical points and platforms. China Telecom Americas can help seamlessly implement a custom, cloud-connected virtual private network (VPN) – on-time and on-budget across China and APAC. Our portfolio of end-to-end network solutions for logistics customers keeps their supply chain technology running smoothly, so they can concentrate on the growth of their business.

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What Can China Telecom Do For you?

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Expertise in China

As China’s largest fixed line and data center provider, our parent company, China Telecom is a leader in the Chinese telecommunications market.

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Round-the-Clock Support

We offer onsite services and 24/7 remote technical support to resolve problems quickly. Our extensive in-country resources make us a reliable and trusted partner.

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Global Reach

Our global network spans 110 countries, offering extensive coverage for our logistics customers wherever their business resides.

Industry Background

China’s logistics industry ranked first in the world in freight volume, so moving shipments requires a reliable IT network across all transportation points to work in sync to share real-time advanced analytics and data.  China Telecom Americas has deep expertise providing custom network solutions for logistics technology businesses, warehouse and distribution centers, and freight / transportation companies across various use-cases in China.  Our solutions give IT departments the confidence that operations teams will be in the know about when goods and people will arrive at their end destinations.

China Telecom Americas offers a wide range of IT services and network solutions, including SD-WAN, MPLS and private and hybrid cloud solutions,  backed with Tier-1 uptime and resilience to maintain a business edge. Increase customer satisfaction and decrease logistical delays with a reliable network partner for China and beyond. With China Telecom Americas, your business will maintain productivity so goods can quickly move to end destinations on time.

Solutions for the Logistics Industry

Our Logistics Industry Solutions

Logistical companies don’t have the luxury to have all their IT infrastructure located at one site. Instead, they rely on disjointed networks that cannot prioritize their unique traffic.  We offer global MPLS VPN and Cloud Computing services to companies working in the logistical industry.

Global MPLS VPN Solutions

Our global MPLS VPN offers a high performance and secure network that converges all communication software, cloud computing and other logistical applications onto a prioritized channel. So, your team can increase their connectivity globally. Read about global MPLS VPN to learn how we flexibly plan for rapid network expansion.

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Cloud Computing Solutions

Enhance your applications, data, and other resources with multi-cloud connectivity available in all regions. Our Cloud Computing solutions are ideal for logistical companies to connect people, software, apps and information so everything is working in sync toward your business goals. Our Cloud Computing solutions can also help to extend your IT platforms into cost-effective, high performance cloud environments.

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Use Cases

Examples of Logistics Industry Use Cases

International Cargo Airline Use Case

International Cargo Airline Use Case

An international cargo airline sought to expand their operations into the China region. However, existing network providers offered limited connectivity at cost-effective prices

Global MPLS VPN and Netcare Services

China Telecom Americas quickly deployed a global MPLS VPN along with a device management system and a customer network connectivity management platform. The global company was able to connect to 50 sites in 20 Chinese cities so the airline could have an aggressive network infrastructure to stay competitive.

Global Freight Transportation Company Use Case

Global Freight Transportation Company Use Case

A global air and ocean freight transportation company was looking to further enhance their IT capabilities. They believed that cloud solutions were out of their budget, which limited their network performance and competitiveness.

Cloud-enabled SD-WAN with Versa Networks

China Telecom Americas optimized their IT infrastructure with SD-WAN with Versa Network solutions. The global transportation company could now fully adopt cloud computing technologies and apps that would best fit into their operations without experiencing any performance limitations or budget restraints.

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