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Leverage IaaS resources on CT’s public cloud “CT Yun” for high availability inside of China, build a private on-prem environment at one of CT’s data centers, or upgrade private cloud connectivity between nodes inside and outside of China

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Today’s global businesses have to be more agile than ever to keep people, data, applications and other IT resources connected and working in the smartest ways possible. China Telecom Americas cloud infrastructure services gives IT departments the ability to deploy and efficiently manage workloads in public, private and hybrid cloud environments with high availability, scalability and resilience needed to evolve with global businesses requirements in the digital age


Powerful, Feature-Rich Solutions

End-to-end cloud infrastructure capabilities support “Day 0 to Day 2 cloud” activities with custom,  enterprise-grade compute, storage and networking services

Global Cloud Network

Tier-1 access to 40+ cloud nodes, on-ramps and IXP metros in China, and globally for SaaS delivery and geo-redundant disaster recovery

Access to Major Cloud Providers

Establish private connectivity between leading cloud service providers (CSPs) across availability zones inside and outside of China

Flexible, Cost Effective

Reduce CAPEX, Consume cloud resources separately or as a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC); Cost-effective with pay-as-you-go billing options available

Reliable, Secure Connections

Competitive SLAs; Proactive fault monitoring; redundant global network backbone with high route diversity.

Global Support

24/7 global NOC with bilingual support; US-based support teams; User-friendly management portals


Features of Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud Architecture Versatility

Cloud Architecture Versatility

• Choose from public, private and hybrid clouds, software-defined networking and storage, and flexible operations and management

• CTA offers multiple cloud network access options from MPLS VPN, Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and the Internet

• Deploy Cloud Infrastructure efficiently by establishing multiple virtual links from a single port

• Object-based storage system includes multiple classes of storage

• Storage control on both transmission and access supports data isolation and privacy policies

• Build a private, on-prem cloud in a CT data center leveraging CTA’s hardware sourcing solutions  that includes Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) brands.

Fast, Easy, Cost Effective

Fast, Easy, Cost Effective

• Build a secure, high-performing cloud network without investing in your own hardware; Scale up or down as your business needs evolve

• CT’s shared public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) lets you deploy applications faster because there is no hardware to install

• Migrate workloads to the cloud quickly, seamlessly with interfaces and tools you already know

• Free up your internal IT resources to focus on your core business needs

Scalable Virtual Machines (VMs)

Scalable Virtual Machines (VMs)

• VMs come with one public IP address and have bandwidth options from 1M – 100M (additional IPs require approval)

• VMs can run Microsoft or Linux OS running up to 16 vCPUs

• VMs can have up to 64G RAM with 10G – 2TB storage per disk

• Internal storage for VMs utilizes FC SAN, VSAN with SSD cache

Performance Monitoring & Protection

Performance Monitoring & Protection

• Virtual Load Balancer service included to proactively manage system performance

• High availability leveraging incumbent carrier infrastructure resources across China Telecom “CT Yun” cloud platform

• Dedicated firewall with RDP service and remote fault monitoring systems

• System backup and disaster recovery with encrypted backups to geo-redundant data centers get you back online quickly if your system goes down

Use Cases

Industry Solutions Serving Key Verticals with Global Expertise

Stay one step ahead of the competition with China Telecom Americas’ networking and connectivity solutions designed for the unique needs of key industry sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re already using a domestic cloud service, why should we go with China Telecom Americas?

A telco cloud offers more cost-effective services and expansive network connectivity options than many premium cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers.

We have very strict compliance regulations. How will the cloud work for us?

China Telecom Americas is fully prepared to help customers meet compliance needs such as HIPAA-HITECH and PCI. CTA ensures that the underlying infrastructure meets compliance regulations, but the customer must also ensure their processes and operations meet standards.

Isn't the cloud less secure than on-premise infrastructure?

Almost all recent massive data breaches took place within traditional on-premise IT networks. Most cloud service providers have the resources necessary to implement and manage IT security controls considerably better than many internal IT departments.

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