Growing your international business? Converge voice, video, data and cloud applications across multiple locations on a reliable cross-border China network with IP-VPN.

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Businesses that operate internationally need to be able to connect their voice, data, video, and cloud applications from multiple sites. This connection must be secure and prioritize the traffic that passes through it.

CT’s Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology runs over CN2, CT’s next-generation global carrier network. This technology allows companies to create a secure, high-performance IP-VPN architecture.

There are six classes of service and industry leading SLAs available. CT’s MPLS VPN customers, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, benefit from increased operational confidence. This is due to growth in communication needs including complexity, volume, and geography.

Benefits of IP-VPN

Secure and Reliable Network

China’s leading cross-border MPLS-based services trusted by network architects at Global 2000 companies

Global Coverage

Service available across the Asia-Pacific, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Coverage not available in US, please contact us for a customer self-built VPN over carrier NNI solution)

Flexible Configurations

Prioritize quality of service (QoS) across five classes of service (CoS); CPE/ hardware sourcing and Netcare network management services available

Easy Implementation

Dedicated local project management teams in the Americas and China. Rapid provisioning – on average, 45 days or less

Anytime Support

24/7 support; Proactive real-time monitoring; Troubleshooting and maintenance services; Real-time reporting; Multiple Network Operations Centers (NOCs)


Features of IP-VPN

Worldwide Reach

Worldwide Reach

• MPLS VPN offers direct connections to leading cloud service providers (CSPs) inside and outside of China

• Access premium MPLS service coverage with 80+ international PoPs and 530+ PoPs across 300+ cities inside Mainland China.

• Leverage the power of network-to-network Interface (NNI) connections with more than 100 carrier partners

Customized Deployment

Customized Deployment

• Includes the ability to run BGP over MPLS and support for IPV4/IPV6 dual stack service

• Support class of service, allow bursting of lower-class traffic to higher-class available bandwidth. Up to subscription port bandwidth

• Flat rates for sites within Mainland China; Discounted VPN port charge for outside mainland China.

Industry Competitive SLAs

Industry Competitive SLAs

• Running on CN2 (CT’s next-generation backbone network), CT’s MPLS-optimized architecture is built to meet the demands of globally distributed, Internet-based, mission-critical applications.

•  CN2 network backbone allows for faster and more efficient routing of traffic, reducing latency and improving overall network performance.

• Site availability is 99.99%. With dual PE and CE topology, 99.99% availability is guaranteed

Flexible, Scalable, Cost Effective

Flexible, Scalable, Cost Effective

• Get the security, reliability, capacity and coverage you need while avoiding the high costs of dedicated private international lease lines

• Highly scalable to support rapid VPN expansion

• The flexibility and scalability of the network architecture allows for easy configuration as your communication needs grow in complexity, volume, and topology

Real-Time Proactive Support

Real-Time Proactive Support

• NetCare platform (additional service fee required) provides proactive 24/7 monitoring, management and troubleshooting support

• Easy-to-access real-time usage and service level reporting keep you informed at all times

• Best in-class Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) guarantees

Use Cases

Manufacturing Company Use Case

A manufacturing company was experiencing expansion and building another plant close to their main operations. They would be installing network-capable plant equipment and wanted to also upgrade some legacy LAN and WAN systems.

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Industries Manufacturing
Use Cases

Logistics Company Use Case

An international cargo airlines sought to expand their operations across Mainland China. However, existing network service providers offered limited coverage, connectivity options and local support compared to China Telecom Americas.

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Industries Logistics

Frequently Asked Questions

MPLS seems expensive. Is it worth the Quality of Service QoS in connecting China to global locations?

Yes, CT’s MPLS VPN service is worth investing in for mission-critical business applications. CT’s MPLS VPN relies on a premium private IP network, ensuring exceptional performance with guaranteed quality of service.

Is MPLS right-sized for my organization?

MPLS VPN service is an optimal choice for businesses of all sizes. It is especially beneficial for Fortune 500 companies with multinational sites worldwide.

Will China Telecom’s MPLS VPN service future-proof and scale as my organization’s needs grows?

With CT’s MPLS VPN service, customers enjoy flexibility and scalability. The network allows for easy configuration as communication needs grow in complexity, volume and geography.

My organization has multinational operations in diverse locations. How widely is China Telecom’s MPLS VPN service available?

CT’s MPLS VPN service is available across Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific. Note, MPLS, carrier-built VPN, is not available in the US. Contact us for a customer self-built VPN over carrier NNI solution.

If my organization deploys MPLS VPN in China, won’t language barriers become an issue whenever we need support?

We provide a customer support hotline in both Chinese and English, available 24/7. We also offer proactive real-time connectivity management, troubleshooting, and maintenance services.

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